1993 BMW R100GS


Back road between Lake Buffalo and Whitfield
(On the way back from Trout Rally 2005)


All roads lead to Balranald
(On the way to Wintersun Run 2005)


(at the Dargo High Plains Rally 2004)


"Police Targeting: Motorcycle Speeding"
(on the road from Canberra to Yass, the day I bought this bike)


Original Pig Concept



Sadly, on the 29th September 2006 I crashed this bike pretty hard near Johanna, writing it off and putting a few dents in myself too ... as much as I was tempted to buy the wreck back and do something with it, I decided to take the money and let this one go through to the keeper ...


  • Engine:
  • Suspension & Brakes:
    • WP springs / Gold valve.
      Well, allegedly, the PO put it in and I've never seen it! When I change the oil ...
    • Bitubo CZE rear shock from Precision Performance.
    • 320mm brake rotor conversion
      (I've actually gone back to a stock R100GSPD rotor ... the big disc was very powerful, but rather grabby ...)
    • CC Products fork brace.
      (The stock one was rusty and bent ... and what good is a bent fork brace? The CC one also raises the mudguard by about 10mm, which will hopefully reduce the tendency to fill with mud ...)
  • Electrickery:
    • EnDuraLast 450W Brushless Generator
      14V at 2000rpm. No brushes. No diode board.
    • Odyssey PC925 Battery. This turned out to be more of a drama than I expected, seems like most GSers go for the somewhat smaller PC680. Got it hooked up eventually with some small mods to the battery box.
  • Ergonomics:
    • 1" bar risers (Touratech).
      Essential. Probably needs more, or bars with a deeper bend.
    • Small, hand-crufted polycarbonate windshield
      The stocker just threw turbulence at my head no matter how it was set, and interfered with the raised bars. This one is narrower and about half the height.
  • &c:

Special Tools:

Shopping List:

Naked Bike?:

See the 'Original Pig Concept' sketch on the left ...
  • Cibie Oscar headlights
  • Small flyscreen (more polycarbonate bending!)
  • either R100R Mystic dash or some kind of bicycle computer microdashboard.
  • Barkbusters (or cheapo equivalent.)
On the other hand, a lot of my impetus to do anything about this has gone with the shorty screen ...

More far-fetched stuff:

  • High energy ignition
    the XLV got much better power and efficiency with a hotter spark, perhaps it'll work on the BMW too ... Silent Hektik make things along these lines, but sadly their pages (and prices) are in German ... . Hotter spark might also make starting rather easier. There's also the Omega Ignition for Airheads but it's not compatible with my new generator.
  • Dual Plugging seems to get magnificent benefits for the R100s ... but it's a pretty involved and expensive process. And then you wake up one morning and realize you need a 336 cam and a higher compression ratio, and and and ...
  • Motorrad Elektrik Nippon Denso starter.
    Less current, less weight, more crank. Pretty pricey though, probably better off getting the Bosch one rebuilt.


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Why the stupid name?

  • I like to give my bikes stupid names.
  • Arguably the first BMW bike was named the Flink. It is described thus by BMW Motorrad USA:
    The heavyish bike with its underpowered engine requires vigorous pedaling to start.
    Reminds me of someone I know.
  • The, uh, bolted-together appearance of the GS reminds me of you-know-who's monster.