XLV holiday snap
XLV holiday snap, on the helipad on the way into Talbotville ...

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Whatever happened to my XLV?

On the way home from Wintersun 2004 a gearbox bearing failed completely, filling the engine with steel and aluminium scrap, pretty much destroying the engine. Oddly enough, it got home anyway, and it was only when I drained the oil and a ball-bearing or two fell out that I realized just how badly I'd stuffed it. If I'd had the sense to stop in Ouyen, there'd be a lot more recoverable.

This is all terribly out of date. I rebuilt that one around an replacement engine (thanks Greg H) and also I bought a BMW R100GS, and then a few years later I stacked the BMW quite hard and put myself off bikes for a while. I eventually got the XLV back on the road but I'd kind of lost interest by that point and it sat there for ten years until finally, in 2022, I've gotten rid of the XLV and all its parts. Farewell, XLV750R.

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What's in a Name?

That still doesn't explain the R, of course :-)