Homebrew EFI for Motorcycles

This project has more or less stalled for the moment: the XLV is off the road, and the BMW is keeping me busy enough for the moment! I've been helping out a little with Viking's EFI RC17 (CBX750) in the meantime.

I've never really liked carburettors -- too many airways, too many little brass widgets, not enough adjustability -- and so I'm interested in experimenting with retrofitting EFI to my bikes, and making it more fault tolerant and more easily diagnosable than the original carbs.

My aged Honda XLV750R has chronic carb problems, so it gets to be the guinea pig. These pages attempt to chronicle this foolhardy adventure ...


Throttle Bodies

I sourced a set of 4 GPz1100-B2 34mm throttle bodies from a local wrecker's yard, along with their fuel pump, fuel regulator and TPS. They're not a perfect fit for the application, but they're not bad.

Fuel Plumbing

EFI systems need an awful lot of spaghetti ...


ECU Hardware


See the Homebrew EFI links page.

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